Our clients are small and middle-sized businesses and large translation agencies in need of a full-range service or single service steps.

Translation & Localization

We translate and localize documents, websites and applications with suitability and fluency in mind, using up-to-date, industry-specific glossaries and style guides to ensure the right tone and terminology, accompanied by CAT tools to assure consistency within projects.
Our Translation/Localization & Review team has got the in-depth knowledge and stylistic touch required to produce high quality translations, and our Management team has got the know-how and drive to manage your projects quickly and efficiently.

Transcreation & Terminology Research

Highly visible marketing texts require more than just “translation”. Provided with a creative brief from you, our transcreators customize a marketing message for their target language while identifying differences in language, culture and consumer behavior, in order to create a translated target message that leads to the same reaction as the original content.
Our linguistic team is on top of language trends and important changes in order to prevent bias and violations of cultural standards. Terminology Research is especially important when it comes to game or product names, slogans and branding. Clients can contact us anytime to ask queries, request research or start a discussion.

Machine Translation Editing

Machine translation software solutions have advanced and improved significantly in the past years and will continue to influence the translation market by saving time and costs across more and more industries.
In-depth post-editing by an experienced native speaker and review by a second native speaker are the main steps to produce a final translation that meets quality standards and client expectations in all aspects.

Certified Translation

Certified documents are translated copies of important documents which require a certification — confirming the correctness of the translation — in order to be accepted in other countries.
We work with a range of translators who can certify legal and official documents such as birth or marriage certificates, driver licenses, school certificates, diplomas, legal judgements, contracts, annual reports etc.

Proofreading, Review & Editing

Our experienced reviewers help achieve the highest possible quality and ensure that accuracy, fluency, suitability and consistency empower intelligibility, a high appeal and positive associations with your products.
A translation should not sound like a translation — it should sound as if it was composed in the target language. Intelligibility means that readers don’t have to read a sentence twice to catch the meaning. We also offer monolingual review.

Linguistic Quality Assurance

We have introduced a Linguistic Quality Assurance procedure to monitor and evaluate translations and localizations.
Reporting and categorizing errors allow a fair assessment of specific translations, contributes to the improvement of individuals and provides an overview of error types, severity and required improvements in order to ensure that your products and documents are localized to the highest standard possible.

Desktop Publishing

DTP follows the translation and review phase and is the process to generate layouts, localized text and images in a quality that it is comparable to the original typography and printing of the source document. The document created in the new target language is checked for linguistic and formatting errors by native speakers to ensure a flawless presentation before publishing the document.


Our team of consecutive interpreters is located across Germany, England and the US, and ready to assist in events such as corporate meetings, market research interviews, discussion groups etc. Telephone interpreting can be arranged around the globe. Each of our interpreters has the necessary qualifications, skills and experience required to ensure a fluent communication in a corporate environment.

Linguistic Consultation

We help you manage linguistic services for overcoming challenges and ensure that you get the translation you want. This includes creating style guides to determine the tone and style preferred by your audience, glossaries with key terms and descriptions to ensure consistency throughout all products, quality assurance procedures to assess providers and translations − all tailored specifically to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Users like text that is informative, easy to understand and written in an appealing and user-friendly way.
While it is important to include keywords for your website to be shown in searches, using too many or unsuitable keywords can put your readers off. The right combination of amount and variety of keywords combined with an informative meta description can improve your website ranking.

Writing & Copywriting

We have an excellent team of Content Writers and Copywriters to help you draft, edit and finalize IFUs, website texts, articles, slogans, guidelines, legal texts, market research questionnaires and other documents.
We work with subject matter experts from different industries who provide the expertise and familiarity with the target style and terminology to meet your audience’s expectations and make sure that your document is perceived in the intended way.


Our Transcription team specializes in detailed and summary (smart) transcriptions conducted in corporate and market research environments, and utilizes up-to-date transcription software to ensure a minimum of inaudible instances and a maximum of accuracy and efficiency.
We cover monolingual and simultaneous translation requests, train our transcriptionists based on client requirements or on the basis of transcription guidelines which we have created to ensure a consistent usage of formatting and style throughout your projects.


Our Voice-over artists work in modern recording studios equipped with state-of-the-art software to provide results that are free of ambient noises, in-line with your visuals and recorded in a fashion suitable for your audience. Our Voice-Over talents have experience in producing voice-overs for commercials, presentations, e-learning sessions and other media. We have male and female voices to choose from.


Our Subtitling team utilizes up-to-date software to implement captions into videos, presentations, commercials, documentations and other media. We offer monolingual subtitling and simultaneous translation services, work with new and old formats and strive to provide a high level of precision accompanied by a style that ensures the highest level of readability and the highest degree of suitability for your audience.

Dubbing & Synchronization

In order to provide a one-stop solution to our clients we work with professional partner agencies specializing in dubbing and synchronization of presentations, game content, movies, commercials, educational apps and many more.

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